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Baidu mobile guards Interpretation: plus pounds mobile entrance effect planning open platform

Baidu today announced its “Andrews optimization master” upgrade to “Baidu mobile guards”, this acquisition from the mobile phone management software transformed into Baidu future mobile security vanguard.

Baidu mobile guards formerly known as Andrews optimization master, which is the original new factory incubator dessert move its products, the end of last year, Baidu wholly-owned dessert to buy, began to move in the field of security layout.

Baidu mobile guards in the Andrews on the basis of the optimization of the function of the expansion of the function, in addition to the continuation of the original application management, mobile phone optimization features, but also added a virus killing, anti-sucking, provincial traffic and other security features.

Baidu mobile guards “natural beauty” – has accumulated billions of users, in Baidu 14 billion mobile billion in the possession of a seat. Baidu Vice President Li Mingyuan said that Baidu mobile guards release, filled Baidu mobile end layout on the security of a key part of the product, for the construction and improvement of Baidu mobile ecosystem is essential.

Security, as a basic service in the Internet business, has proven to be one of the most user-specific areas. 360 security business started, the security product user coverage has reached the market first, 360 security software in the PC side of the number of users reached 461 million, 360 mobile security products and services to reach the number of users 338 million. On this basis, the security business for the follow-up of 360 games, application distribution and other services to transport a large number of users, long tail effect to the greatest degree of appearance.

In addition, mobile phone security and mobile management applications have inherent entry effect, the “pan-safe” attribute has been more and more enterprises recognized, so far, 360, Tencent, Baidu, Net Qin and other mainstream security applications are available The property to the user’s mobile phone “guardian” itself, to control the phone entrance.

Baidu already put security into the key business areas, and gradually extended from the PC to move.

Last year in June, Baidu launched anti-virus software, “Baidu antivirus”, three months after the introduction of security guards products “Baidu Guardian”, the end of last year, Baidu wholly-owned snackers, the latter’s Andrews optimization master in the bag; In February, Baidu to $ 30 million acquisition of mobile security company TrustGo, for the follow-up mobile safety production to provide technical support.

Baidu mobile guards after the release, but also makes Baidu security camp begun to take shape, PC + mobile total size has exceeded 200 million. Baidu mobile security general manager Zhang Lei said, for the security business, Baidu internal “KPI”, the user size is not the most concerned about the problem, “because the entire mobile security development situation has just begun, the user experience is more concerned about the indicators.”

Formal and 360 form against the situation, with the latter’s product line amazing – 360 anti-virus, 360 security guards, 360 mobile guards. For this layout thinking, Zhang Lei said that Baidu from 2010 to do security system, do tool software in 2011, 2012 to do “with security” products, 2013 into the security field, all product layout is entirely driven by the market , Is the “general trend, homeopathy and”.

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