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Battery charger KN200-1500

1. Easy to Use: With light weight and pretty outlooks,it can be carried easily and charge conveniently by put into the original power socket of Series Mobile& Bluetooth Headphone directly.
2. Long-wearing:If the battery is full-charged, it can provide theNokia Series Mobile& Bluetooth Headphone at least one cycle power.
3. Charging Method: This Portable Mobile Charger can be charged via USB port of working PC and laptop or via AC adacpter.
4. Charging Display:4 LED lights on left upside flash when charging the  Series Mobile& Bluetooth Headphone, no flash when the power is lower than 2.8V, showing the capacity of the battery when pressing the button on right upside.
5. Charged Display: 4LED lights on left upside flash one by one from left to right when charging. The FULL indicator lights afeter charging full.
6. Charge storage mode: output voltage:5.25V±0.25V output current:≤1000mA(1A)
REMARKS:This Portable Mobile Charger cannot be charged when it's connecting the Series Mobile&Bluetooth Headphone at the same time.

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