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Facebook is a social networking service site founded in the United States, on February 4, 2004 on the line. The main founder of the American Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook is the world’s leading [1] photo sharing site, as of November 2013 uploads about 350 million photos a day. As of May 2012, Facebook has about 900 million users. Facebook has no official Chinese name, different Chinese language users to develop a different translation, the Chinese mainland facebook, Hong Kong’s book or book, there are “non-dead” joking translation. Facebook is headquartered in San Francisco’s California Avenue.

As of 2012, Facebook has 3,500 employees. From September 11, 2006, any user enters a valid email address and their age group to join. Users can choose to join one or more networks, such as secondary, corporate, or regional. 2013 United States well-known technology blog site Businessinsider According to the Internet traffic monitoring agency comScore data, lists the world’s largest list of the top 20 sites, ranking the top of Facebook. Zynga through farmville and other simple social games to become the most well-known developers facebook platform. On the morning of February 19, 2014, Facebook announced that it would buy WhatsApp for $ 19 billion. [3] March 6, 2014 Facebook announced to upgrade the desktop version of the information flow.

Facebook has been around for a few decades, with several decisive key Pivots, including: moving from Boston to Silicon Valley, honing Sheryl Sandberg from Google, making it open to the public, launching fan pages, launching societies, and This time to prune to win the original ads into action. The next Facebook, you must also face the loss of young ethnic groups, as well as the survival of the platform by Google and Apple control the long-term worries.

Zuckerbeg has started to make FB Messenger more independent, positive challenge from Snapchat. They tried to cooperate with the HTC mobile phone, the market reaction is not how, but obviously will not give up on this. Anyway, if Facebook’s case is any lesson, modern internet company obviously will not have a moment of spare time, even if you are already a king of a field. So the entrepreneurial determination, learning speed, and execution is very important, because only those who have the elements of the team, can continue to re-invent themselves, in the wave of wave of industry, continue to maintain the leading position in the waves.


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