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QQ space (Qzone) is China’s largest social network, QQ users online home, Tencent is one of the core platform. You can play games, play dressed, upload photos, write and write logs, yellow aristocrats can also be free to dress up and have a variety of privileges. QQ space at the same time committed to building Tencent open platform, and third-party developers, entrepreneurs together for hundreds of millions of Chinese Internet users to provide excellence, personalized social services.

QQ space HD iPad version is Tencent developed a community client software, with QQ space, the most commonly used and the most popular features, and PC, mobile WAP interoperability, and iPad client for the characteristics of the optimization.

Tencent QQ space as the current Chinese users most mobile phone SNS site, there are hundreds of millions of registered users. And recently, Tencent released QQ space iPad version of the client software. And PC-side QQ space similar to the iPad version of QQ space software is more pleased to include space dynamic, friends dynamic, recent visitors, and more options. Where more options include friends list options and my space and friends mood and other dynamic information options.

This QQ space client specifically for the development of iPad mobile phone, the software interface fresh, smooth operation experience, and its functions are reflected through the form of the page, we only need to click on the screen can be dynamic in the space, friends, the most recent visitors Free to switch.

Another mobile QQ space client also write mood, write log, take pictures upload three functions. Use QQ space client write log, pass photos, than through the web operation more convenient, the speed is much faster.

Recent improvements

  • New in version
  • Add a custom skin background feature
  • Add Create, Edit Album, and Album Permissions Settings
  • Add space permission settings
  • Add a filter to a friend dynamic and blacklist function
  • Added who I have seen the list
  • Add guest record deletion
  • Add add special care about friends
  • Add add friends
  • Optimize iPad mini default font size

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