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WeChat is a mobile phone communication software, support through the mobile phone network to send voice messages, video, pictures and text, you can chat and chat, but also according to the location to find nearby people, bring friends a new mobile communication experience. Support ios, Android, Saipan and other platform mobile phone. WeChat (WeChat) is Tencent in early 2011 launched a fast send text and photos to support multi-voice intercom phone chat software. Users can quickly send voice, video, pictures and text via phone or tablet. WeChat to provide public platform, circle of friends, message push and other functions, the user can “shake”, “search number”, “near people”, sweep two-dimensional code way to add friends and concerned about the public platform, while micro-content will share To friends and users will see the wonderful content to share the WeChat friends circle.

Microphone supports multiple languages, support for Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G and 4G mobile data networks, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia S40, S60V3 and S60V5. The latest version of Microsoft Letter: 5.2.1 (Android), (iOS), 4.2 (Symbian), (Windows Phone 8), 1.5 (Nokia S40), 3.0 (BlackBerry), 2.0 (BlackBerry 10). As of November 2013 the number of registered users has exceeded 600 million, is the largest user group in Asia mobile instant messaging software.

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